Sea-Bond Adhesive Seals

What’s the Difference Between Regular and Fresh?

Both provide the same all-day hold. Sea-Bond Regular seals are unflavored. Sea-Bond Fresh has a fresh and long-lasting natural mint flavor.

Do You Make a Combo-Pack?

No. Sea-Bond uppers and lowers are sold separately.

Can Sea-Bond Seals Be Reused?

No. We recommend that each seal be replaced daily.

I Rinse My Dentures After Eating. Can I Re-apply the Same Seal?

No, it’s best to use a new seal.

Will Sea-Bond Seals Hold Securely While I’m Eating?

Yes. Many people tell us the extra holding power in Sea-Bond Seals lets them eat the foods they ate when they had real teeth.

What Is Dentsyn?

A specially-formulated breath freshener that is part of the seal.

Do Sea-Bond Seals Have an Expiration Date?

No. A box of Sea-Bond seals has no expiration date. Simply keep the box in a dry area and keep it away from wetness and moisture.

Do Sea-Bond Seals Come in More Than One Size?

All Sea-Bond seals come in one standard size, designed to be trimmed for a custom fit.

How many seals come in a box?

There are two sizes: 15 and 30 seals in a pack. Remember that adhesives for upper and lower dentures are sold separately.

Which Side of the Seal Has the Pink Color? Which Side Is Which?

Each seal has a side tinted in pink. The color is there to help you know which side to place against the denture. The side with the pink tint should be placed against the denture. Also, don’t worry if there is a slight variation in the pink color, as it does not impact hold.

How Often Should I Change the Seal?

Once per day.

How Do I Remove the Seal Once It Is In?

Simply lift the corner and peel away.

How Do I Apply Sea-Bond Seals?

1. Place dry Sea-Bond seal onto clean denture. If too large, trim overlap with scissors. If seal bunches in back, cut a second “V” like the precut “V” in front. Once size is right, trim all seals in package to the same size.

2. Place trimmed seal on denture white side up, pink side down. Spray or mist with water and lightly tap seal into place with fingertip.

3. Put denture into mouth and bite down evenly for five seconds.

Other Questions

What if I accidentally swallow the product?

There is no toxic danger; Sea-Bond is made of nontoxic ingredients. However, if you have a history of difficulty swallowing, or choking, you should not use this product.

Can I Use Sea-Bond If My Denture Has Been Professionally Re-lined?

Yes. As always, it is best to check with your dentist first.

Can I buy Sea-Bond online?

Yes. You can order at,, and

What else does Sea-Bond offer?

Sea-Bond has everything you need to take care of your dentures.

Sea-Bond Dental Bath
• Easy care for dental devices: dentures, retainers, and mouthguards

Sea-Bond Dental Brush
• Recommended as past of your daily cleaning routine for dentures, retainers, and mouthguards

All of these products are available at fine drug, food, and discount stores.

Does Sea-Bond Contain Zinc?

No. Sea-Bond is a zinc-free product.

Can Sea-Bond Be Used on Partial Plates?

In some instances. We recommend you first talk with your dentist.